Attention cemetery management personnel

     We are happy to extend to those cemeteries whose records are open to the public and not confidential, an opportunity to add your burial index information at no charge to our sites at and to help researchers find a family member’s grave.

     There are other genealogy websites, but our material is out in the open, where search engines can crawl it, and not locked behind a search box or pay wall. We believe search engines prefer to index meaningful sentences more than tables of data.

     For cemetery operators who wish to raise funds for cemetery operation, the trick is to provide just enough information to identify the person. The name, maiden name, birth date and birth place work in this regard. If the names of the parents are shown, this can allow a genealogist to discover a new person to add to the family chart. The link, attached to each entry, would point to a page on your site telling the researcher where to send money for a copy of your record.

     Some of these researchers have a strong attachment to their ancestors, and you could add these persons to your mailing list for fund-raising newsletters.

     For cemeteries that are all set financially, the index information could say, (or the link could point to a page on your website which says) the place of death and the name of the funeral home, giving the researcher a better idea of where to search for an obituary. Placing an image of your record on your website would allow researchers to obtain the information they want without bothering your busy staff.

     Remember, the Social Security Death Master File no longer provides the death residence ZIP code, so for deaths more recent than November 2011, perhaps the best hope for finding somebody is a comprehensive index.

     We are not requesting any special monopoly on the publication of your index. In some cases it can be a simple matter of adding to your search box page an option,
Browse All Records and on the target page, a link to Download in .CSV format. Just let us know. We also encourage submission of your material to other sites (see below) and requesting a link on the general directory at

     Our website visitors who correspond with cemeteries are encouraged to call the cemetery personnel’s attention to this message, (but not via e-mail, because that would be spam) which could ultimately lead to a connection with a distant cousin corresponding with the same cemetery about the same grave.

     Cemetery personnel may write to Tom Alciere, PO Box 106, Nashua, New Hampshire 03060-01006 U.S.A. or email

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