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In April 2024, 6,249,190 entries were added from New York City marriage indices, 1950 through 1995. Special thanks to Reclaim The Records for acquiring this information. Please consider donating to them. Check all your genealogy names again. You may find a valuable record through this index.

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You can bypass the search engines and our search box by typing the URL into the location window at the top of your browser tab. For the surname Example you type in


You must change the directory /letter_e if the surname you seek starts with a different letter. You figured that out, right? Use lower case, no spaces, hyphens, apostrophes or other stuff.

Remember, names are sorted the correct way: by surnames, then given names, not by word. La Forest is sorted as Laforest and Rose Mary is sorted as Rosemary. This also means Josephine is between Joseph I and Joseph J.

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We encourage you to open a free account at FamilySearch.org, where you can connect lines with other researchers and add your tree, and sources. It is owned and operated by the Mormon Church. Also check out Cyndi’s List for tons of genealogy websites.

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