Policy on removal of public information

The mission of this website is to bring PUBLIC information to the public, without charge.

We realize that some persons would prefer not to have their names on this site. However, since it is all public information, there is no process for removal. One thing making this site special is its completeness. Accepting money for removal would unfairly favor folks who can afford it. Further, removal would provide you with a false sense of privacy, since it is all still public information. The folks you want to hide it from would still find it.

Just go to http://www.internetremoval.com/directory/ and see how many sites you would have to contact, and even then, a number of them also have a similar no-removal policy.

Please visit http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/vs/marriagedivorce/mindex.shtm and scroll down. There, you will see that the State of Texas publishes marriage information in tidy, one-year morsels for all the world to download and enjoy. The U.S. Government sells the Social Security Death Master File, which is a powerful tool to prevent fraud.

We never delete entries, because it is all public information.
Here is an actual e-mail (email address removed) we recently got:

Date:  	Fri, 3 Jun 2011 14:12:14 -0400 [Friday, 03. June 2011 18:12:14 UTC]
To:  	webmaster@gedcomindex.com
Subject:  	Sorted by Name

You have no idea how thankful I am that this site appeared on google ...
it finally gave me freedom from a man who was two-timing his wife for 7
years .. throughout these years he always denied he was married.  This
gave me the proof I needed.  It was a painful, shocking read  .. but the
surgery was successful and the patient is doing well!  Again, many many
thanks for posting this.


Check out this legal opinion (PDF).

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