Get exercise and health insurance working part-time or full-time for United Parcel Service (U.S.A. only)

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     I don’t get exercise or health insurance working on my websites, so I have a day job working part-time at U.P.S. If I refer you and you get hired, I may get a $250 referral bonus and you might, too. It depends on how things work out. You can apply directly at but then neither of us gets a referral bonus.

     I will need your first name, last name, mobile telephone number and a valid email address that I can put into a U.P.S. server and they should email you a referral link. You must be legally eligible to work in the United States of America because U.P.S. must comply with the federal I-9 requirement.

     This could be your chance to escape to New Hampshire (or any other U.S.A. state) and have a job lined up when you arrive. If you drive for a ride share service, this may be your chance to get exercise and health insurance.

     I work for U.P.S. in Nashua, New Hampshire so I know more about how it works here than in other States. I’ll provide some information, but you are responsible checking how it is in the State where you will be working, be it New Hampshire or elsewhere.

     In New Hampshire, it takes at least four months to get the health insurance. If you start on 1 March and get at least 250 hours in weeks they credit to March, April and May, your coverage starts 1 July. Every day you clock in counts for at least four hours in this regard, unless you leave early on your own. If they don’t have enough work and they send you home after two hours, you get four hours toward the health insurance. (Whenever they tell me to go home, I sarcastically ask if I may make any stops along the way.)

     In New Hampshire, the money for health insurance is paid by U.P.S. to Teamsters Local 633, and they run Allegiant Care, which insures you. I put myself, my wife and our daughter on it at no charge. The money U.P.S. pays to the Teamsters isn’t on my W-2 and isn’t taxed, not even for Social Security. The insurance coverage is better than at many full-time employers.

     New Hampshire is not what is called a right-to-work State. To work at U.P.S. in New Hampshire, you must join the union and pay union dues.

     U.P.S. did not drug test me before I started. That is relevant only if you have quit certain drugs that would still show up in a drug screen. U.P.S. is definitely no place to be working while high or drunk. The work is very physical and you could get hurt or injure a workmate. Please don’t apply if you cannot quit the substances that impair you. I work as a package handler, which does not require driving a vehicle.

     If you drive for a ride share service, you should apply to be a part-time package handler, so you can get exercise and health insurance. Consider driving in the morning and then reporting at U.P.S. for day sort.

     Day sort has started as early as 10:00 in the morning and as late as noon. The shifts vary in timing and duration, depending on the amount of work there is.

     I started 10 November 2021 and they let me go 30 December 2021 after things slowed down. I returned 14 February 2022. As the seasonal rush arrived in 2022, they raised the hourly rate to $24 for part-time package handlers at the Nashua, New Hampshire facility. Effective 15 January 2023 they lowered it to $22.25. If you are part time, anything after 5 hours in a day is overtime, and so is any extra, sixth punch shift in a week. The pay week is Sunday through Saturday and is paid on the following Thursday, every week.

     If you are hired as a package handler, they might put you to work as a loader, unloader, picker, splitter, or in the sort aisle, or small sort, or doing internals. They decide where to assign you, and they can re-assign you at any time. Pickers and splitters work on the conveyor belt. Splitters shift packages into lanes on the conveyor belt and turn the packages so the pickers can see the labels. Pickers send the packages down the chutes to the trailers, where loaders build walls of packages. Workers in the sort aisle sort packages from inbound trailers and sort them onto conveyor belts. Small sort workers load small packages into bags, label them and load them onto a conveyor belt. Internals are packages that were mis-directed or which are subject to a UPS intercept. These are loaded onto a flatbed dolly and carted to where they belong.

     All of these jobs involve standing, walking and exercise. The job to search for is WAREHOUSE WORKER — PACKAGE HANDLER.

     Enter your first name, last name and a valid email address where U.P.S. can send the referral link. Click on the link and you’ll go to the U.P.S. website where they will tell you more information, their way. Be prepared for some frustrating glitches if they haven’t fixed them yet, but it is worth being persistent.
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