On 23 March 2023 we made a public record request, Bernalillo County public record request number 23-854. They sent the information 13 April 2023 on .pdf files which we had to convert using ABBYY FineReader for Mac.

     This is not a “mugshot” website. This website says nothing about the charge or charges which the prisoner faced or whether the prisoner was eventually convicted or cleared. This information provides a clue for genealogists who are tracing a family tree.

     If the person was booked multiple times, we use the unique prisoner identification number, which they call Permanent ID#, to keep track and only list one of the bookings, except if the person is listed under more than one name.

     You may download the 16 .pdf files at https://sortedbyname.com/download/USANM_BernalilloJail.